Alchemical Vessels

Each year, Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery and Smith Center for Healing and the Arts put together an exhibition that supports our mission to develop and promote healing practices that explore physical, emotional, and mental wellness and lead to life-affirming changes to those affected by cancer.  This inspiring initiative features 125 works of art by 125 artists, hand-selected by a group of curators, to engage in a community dialogue on healing and transformation through the arts.


2018 Alchemical Vessels: OUR COMMON THREAD (March 16-May 5, 2018)

Please join Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery and Smith Center for Healing and the Arts to celebrate our annual ALCHEMICAL VESSELS benefit and exhibition, now in its 6th year! 
This year’s show is based on the theme: OUR COMMON THREAD – 128 artists will create a unique piece of art from a simple circular panel, responding to the artist’s personal, transformational, creative journey through the universal truths of pain, joy, healing and living.


2017 Alchemical Vessels: THE NIGHT'S JOURNEY (March 17-May 5, 2017)

This year not only marks Smith Center for Healing and the Arts' 20th anniversary, but also the 5th Alchemical Vessels exhibition and benefit. This year's concept for AV-5 is The Night's Journey: 125 artists, chosen by 20 curators, have been asked to create or choose a vessel to tell their story about the cyclical passage from pain to healing - a journey that resonates with all of us.  Once again we are offering the opportunity to take home one of these unique artworks and this year we've added an additional ticket option based on your feedback. Each ticket sold directly supports our mission as Washington DC's only independent integrative cancer support organization.


2016 Alchemical Vessels: THE CIGAR BOX (March 18-May 6, 2016)

Alchemy is defined as transforming something toxic into an illuminated substance, which why we ask each artist to transform a cigar box by means of his or her own personal aesthetic and medium. The artist takes a box that would be normally filled with a polarizing, carcinogenic object, and creates an original piece of artwork, an alchemical vessel to benefit the Smith Center’s cancer support programs.