Ann Stoddard

Video installation social sculpture, 2017. Mixed media, video cameras and monitors. 
48”H x 72”W  x 12”D
$5,000.00* [Installation included]


ColorBlind” is a video installation social sculpture that offers an interactive approach to video portraiture, evoking a wired public space context, combining conceptual art with a collective spirit, - electronics with a low-tech sensibility. Micro-video cameras elevate the viewer’s role while empowering the profiling ‘target’, reversing expectations of ‘who’s profiling whom?’ Mirroring default white privilege, ColorBlind reframes the viewer via 11 micro-video cameras/ monitors housed in hoodie sweatshirts arranged by ‘grey scale’, i.e. white arms lowered, … black arms raised. Micro-video cameras ‘watch the watchers’, invite viewers to explore his/her live screen image in a racial profiling context.