Anne Bouie

Root Worker’s Bag 2
Mixed Medium
10”w x 11”h x 2”d

Healers across time, space, peoples, and culture use medicine, power objects, tools, and resources during the healing process. Many cultures and peoples address healing of the soul and mind as well as the body. My work references the vessels, tools, and approaches of healers - particularly preconversion cultures that require the healer to be proficient in healing at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels Further, they acknowledge and work with unseen forces in the spiritual realm to diagnose and heal. The work submitted here seeks to convey the energy and agency of healers and suggests the tools, instruments, and perspectives of these healers. Botanicals are used for their medicinal and magical properties; found objects serve to affirm, empower and protect. The healers’ pouch carries protection for their own well being, the staffs project energy, and there is celebration when healing at all levels occurs.