Chelsea Williams

Channeling Oshun
Archival Digital Print
16" x 20"

My artwork focuses on trauma and its healing. The process of creating art invokes emotions and memories while crafting them consciously. It brings me to a vulnerable space allowing me to confront my emotions and thoughts while channeling all of it to create art that speaks to ones spirit. Pain is what I use as a medium to express my emotions and deeper subconscious entrenchments and so my art focuses on how one accepts and heals from that pain. My artwork aims to invoke emotions as well as create a space for others where they are not alone and know that there are others who have walked down that path. My artwork is here to relay a message of comfort and confidence for those who had traumatic experiences in life like I’ve had, and grow from those dark experiences. My artwork pulls from my spirituality in where self-care and healing is important and prized above the common approaches to life. It is an ugly process, healing is not as beautiful as many romanticize it to be. It is an ugly process that is necessary in order to grow. Strong steel is made from battered ore, and it becomes strong as a result of the struggle. My art aims to represent that, and increase those who look at my art and feel a connection to it.