Greg Metcalf

Frida Kahlo, Trauma into Art
Basswood and bricolage
14" x 4" x 4"

Frida Kahlo turned the traumatic accident that split her body into inspiration for many of her artworks including “The Broken Pillar” which is invoked here. That process is represented as flowers bloom from her wounded body, her damaged heart and the spirit bird of her eyebrows takes flight. This work of ritual art for contemporary American culture represents a significant figure now on the other side, an individual one might want to call upon to intervene on their behalf and to serve as a focal point of contemplation to help heal deficiencies in the lives of the object’s owner. The owner’s interactive engagement with the work as part of a broader process of self-healing may take the form of following different ritual traditions: driving nails (mbau) into the figures in the Congo tradition, attaching Milagros in Latin American folk Catholic traditions or tying prayers to them in Mediterranean traditions.