Hillary Steel

Soul Catchers
Textile: Ikat Dyeing/Handweaving
Silk, Cotton, Rayon
37”H  x 18”W  x 1.5”D

The slow labor of preparing and dyeing threads, dressing looms and weaving, affords me time to think and physically transform a simple linear element into whole cloth. Material and process are what drives me to create; however, something more pushes me to continue. 

Over the years I have learned to pay close attention to the intangible; I take my time and listen carefully to the sound of the threads while weaving, and, to notice and participate in the silent dialogue that takes place between hand, heart and the fabric that I have made, when composing my pieces. They teach me a great deal, and restore mind and spirit.
At the end of my endeavors, I hope that something of my experience translates to the viewer and that the completed work offers space and time for personal reflection.