The 7th Annual Alchemical Vessels Exhibition and Benefit

The Transformative Power of the Written Word

APRIL 11th - JUNE 1st 2019



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Lina Alattar,  Untitled , Ink on Yupo Paper, 2019.  And they sang over us, it was exactly why and how we healed.

Lina Alattar, Untitled, Ink on Yupo Paper, 2019. And they sang over us, it was exactly why and how we healed.


FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2019
7:00 - 9:00PM




SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2019
1:00PM - 3:00PM

The 7th Annual Alchemical Vessels Exhibition and Benefit at the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery - The Transformative Power of the Written Word - is inspired by Smith Center’s Cancer Support Programs community. We have selected written pieces authored by Smith Center participants over the years from which 100 artists have been asked to respond to create their vessel. The ethos of Smith Center is the transformative experiences and practices that take place throughout the center. The wellness programs offered at Smith Center give participants the unique opportunity to explore the process of healing through personal expression, integrative healing practices, and community support.

Together, our community of artists, healers and those in need of healing, has experienced alchemy — the inexplicable, magical, and profound transformation of the human spirit. Since 2013, our Alchemical Vessels exhibitions have featured the responses of hundreds of artists to the promise of this transformation and the 2019 exhibition promises to be no exception. As words enable us to define our truths, experiences, and emotions, this year, we want to recognize the power of the written word to serve as a vessel for healing.

Your generous purchase of a premier or standard benefit ticket allows you to own a unique piece of art from some of the finest artists in the DMV. Enjoy a lovely night of music and food, and all proceeds help fund Smith Center for Healing and the Arts, the only independent cancer support center based in Washington, DC. Our mission is to develop and promote healing practices that explore physical, emotional, and mental wellness and lead to life-affirming changes to those affected by cancer.

2019 Curators

Natalie Archer, Myrtis Bedolla, Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell, David Carlson, Irene Clouthier, Nehemiah Dixon, Spencer Dormitzer, Carol Rhodes Dyson, Tim Fleschner, Helen Frederick, Ksenia Grishkova, Philippa Hughes, Aziza Gibson Hunter, Brett Johnson, Laurel Lukaszewski, Allison Nance, Nina Caccioppoli O'Neil, Elise Wiarda, Jenny Wu

2019 Artists

Negar Ahkami, Sobia Ahmad, Julie Ainsworth, Lina Alattar, Maremi Andreozzi, Damon Arhos, Daniel Brooking, Nikki Brugnoli, Adjoa Burrowes, Renee Butler, Craig Cahoon, Rosyln Cambridge, Martin Cervantez, Mei Mei Chang, Kay Chernush, Schroeder Cherry, Naomi Christianson, Irene Clouthier, Mandy Cooper, Susi Cora, Tory Cowles, Sala Damali, Marcel Deolazo, Juliee Dickerson-Thompson, Elsabe Dixon, Patricia Eprem, Sharon Fishel, Lillian Fitzgerald, Kate Fitzpatrick, Elaine Florimonte, Cianne Fragione, Carey Francis, Barbara Frank, Helen Frederick, Emily Fussner, Ric Garcia, Beth Hansen, Sarah Hardesty, Robin Harris, Francine Haskins, Mira Hecht, Jeff Herrity, Lisa Hill, Leslie Holt, Noelle Imparto, Bahar Jalehmahmoudi, Barbara Januszkiewicz, Guy Jones, Christopher Kardambikis, Anna Katalkina, Nilou Kazemzadeh, Chee Keong, Jean Kim, Gary Kret, Kate Kretz, Jeremy Kunkel, Shelley Lowenstein, Jayne Matricardi, Carolina Mayorga, Tim Moran, Kelsey Nieto, Lisa Noble, Jen Noone, Shanti Norris, Anthony Palliparambil, Elizabeth Piper Board, Kelly Posey, Azadeh Sahraeian, Renee Sandell, Anne Smith, Champ Taylor, James Terrell, Zsudayka Nzinga Terrell, Evans Thorne, Jerry Truong, Denise Valdez, Ellyn Weiss, Michael West, Josh Whipkey, Dawn Whitmore, Elise Wiarda, Jenny Wu, Thomas Xenakis, Bobby Yi, Abigail Yitagesu, Saaraliisa Ylitalo

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