Kasse Andrews-Weller & Michael Green

Man With a Fish Tie
Mixed Medium on Wood
12”W x 34”H x 6”D

Michael Green and I are both disables veterans. Michael is a permanent resident at the DCVA Medical Center’s Community Living Center (CLC). We met in out former recreation therapy sessions in ceramics at the DCVA, which have been discontinued due to the therapist leaving. We are in need of creative therapy. Michael paints and draws faces and has hundreds of faces he keeps in a file folder. He shares the folder with anyone willing to spend the time to look. Since last September, I started working one-on-one with Michael during visits to the CLC, and as a result, we have collaborated on artworks. First, we come up with a creative concept, and Michael draws and/or paints his faces on wood that I have cut and prepared for him I embellish the work with ceramic, wood, or sewing applications. Our finished artworks bring smiles to his face and mine.