Linnea Tober

Nature photography and digital painting
24" x 20"

We are all creative beings, artists. Every one of us has the innate desire to express what is inside of us. Creating art is my way down the rabbit hole, my salvation. Bold colors and unique textures consistently find their way into my work. I believe the true photographer moves to get the shot, they do not wait for the shot to ‘happen’, they make it happen. I am a ‘colorist’ at heart and thrive when playing with color in my abstract works. My photography works focus mainly on nature, the intricate textures, shapes and shadows she creates on her own. I shoot those images, always thinking of what it can ‘become’. I then twist and tweak them to make them my own ‘nature photographic abstractions’. Sometimes you can see the original image and sometimes not, it all depends on where the muse takes me. I think of this as working with Mother Nature, rather than against her.

Linnea’s WOMB series was created while she was healing from her 4th surgery for severe endometriosis, adenomyosis; after which she was told she would never be able to have children and would need a full hysterectomy. This was devastating to her. The only way she could handle the news was to create.

Lots of rounds, womb-like designs were created during this period. They helped with her healing and getting in touch with the feminine divine. Her work, WOMB-8, was created from floral photography that she has transformed into pure color energy, creating a healing and positive energy. The flowers she began her process with are red roses, from her own garden.