Marite Vidales

Nest Ascending
Acrylic on board, branches and mixed media
12" x 17"

Painting is my life, my occupation, and my greatest satisfaction.  At the same time it is a great challenge that I face in my studio in an incessant search to capture “a particular” image.  It is a constant journey. In addition to the symbolic content in my artwork, I strive for richness and pictorial quality.  I enjoy the use of textures and finishes to communicate harmony and balance.

My work includes various series of paintings, as well as portraits, landscapes and still life.  When I am motivated by a theme, I develop it in series. For many years, I have worked on the Volcanoes and Plantain leaves of my native country of Costa Rica, known for its generous nature.  In the series “Petra: Colors of Time” I produced paintings based on my impressions of visiting this ancient site in Jordan. The Immigrants Series is part of a project on Latin American immigrants in the United States.  It involved interviewing and recreating impressions of their life stories. The project also aims to increase an appreciation for art as a way of addressing social causes, and to support people and institutions that help the disadvantaged improve their lives.   The Nest Series is based on the concept of the nest as a symbol of home and family - both physical and emotional.

Most recently, I have been inspired by the ancient cultures of Peru where I lived and painted for two years.