Sobia Ahmad

The Muslim
Acrylic, oil marker, Keffiyeh, wallpaper, and found images on canvas
48” x 60”

Sobia Ahmad explores how social, cultural, and political forces shape personal narratives and community experiences. A strong believer in the power of art for social change, Ahmad dissects how our deeply intimate struggles of identity and belonging can inform larger conversations about fluidity of selfhood and collective healing.

Began in 2016, “The Muslim” is the first painting in an on-going series in response to Ahmad’s various identities - an immigrant, a Muslim, a female - becoming a demeaning public and political debate. Each painting began with collaged images of Muslims in pop culture and news. The final black-and-white paintings only show hints of these sourced images, a reference to misrepresentation and obliteration of identities. In search of home and belonging, Ahmad sees the creative process itself as a sanctuary, a metaphorical space to exist in and claim as her own. Thus, the art becomes not only a product of catharsis but also a symbol of personal empowerment and resistance.