Theresa Walker

One Bright Morning
Oilstick on canvas
24" x 24”

Creativity is a gift available to all of us. I began painting in mid-life in an effort to become more aware of my creativity. I found meaning, community, and joy, and I have not stopped painting and making collages.  I have been trained in painting as process with no thought of “product” or inhibition about criticism. In an expressive-arts-painting practice the process is something like contemplation or meditation. It is healing and sustaining. At the right time an unexpected gift arrives. It may be slow and subtle in its manifestation, or it may appear out of the blue with a big splash!

For One Bright Morning I used oilsticks and worked and reworked until the hues, texture, and layers formed an image that felt honest and energetic to me. Somehow the painting blends stillness and motion, quietness and sparkle.