Virginia Daley

Winter Tree
Archival Giclee
23" x 29"


My art, though inspired by powerful beauty, is not mere decoration. The pieces are  meaning-FULL Meditations on Nature proven to promote healing and well being.

Thirteen summers spent with a Lakota family, camping on their South Dakota land, instilled in me an intimate connection to and deep respect for the Elements~physical and metaphysical. I came to know the spirit of thunder, grass, wind.

The restoration I received from my reconnection to Nature was profound. I began to paint parables of wild wisdom, to design visual meditations that strike the deepest chord of human/nature within us all.

As a cancer survivor, I know firsthand the need for creating and contemplating healing imagery. I wish to share the lessons inherent in my subjects: the ways of water, the passage of time, a moving storm, a resilient winter oak.

I offer nature for nurture, ART THAT HEALS.