Wendy Sittner

Monoprint and photolithograph
60" x 22"

With a clinical background in social work, I have adopted the visual arts as a means for effecting social change. With my monoprints and photolithographs created as a resident artist at Proyecto Ace in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I aim to bring awareness of the prevalence of trauma experiences and to recognize trauma survivors. My work depicts insects and the protection provided by the exoskeleton as a metaphor for the resilience needed for people to survive in their social environments. While insects often repel people, I use vibrant colors to attract viewers, encouraging the viewers to identify with the insects for their paradoxical strength and (subjective) insignificance. My prints are meant to be hung on the wall using entomology pins as if these images were specimens to be studied, evoking the viewers' vulnerability and introspection, to facilitate a healing process.