Healing Studio: May 17 - August 25, 2018

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The Healing Studio Series

Joan Hisaoka healing Arts Gallery is proud to present the annual exhibition, THE HEALING STUDIO SERIES: now in its 3rd year, this show observes an artist or artists’ response to living life with cancer.

This year’s exhibition features 2 Washington DC artists, Judith Capen (Getting Over It) and the late Alex Todorovich (How To Get Off a Well Traveled Road). Ms. Todorovich’s 2-d mixed media works combine text and images, giving a visual documentation of her noble struggle with cancer, from diagnosis to her passing in 2009. Ms. Capen’s 3-D assemblages are a response to the horrible loss of her daughter Kirby to cancer at the age of 28. This powerful exhibition tells the story of life, death, pain and healing through the eyes of 2 courageous women and their creative force.

This exhibition is dedicated to Kirby Sarah Weinstein Capen and Alex Todorovich. May their spirits carry on for lifetimes to come.